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Energy, healthcare, innovation and technology, national security, free and fair elections, and economic empowerment are our core issues.
The Rainey Center Freedom Project is the advocacy partner of the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy, a public policy research organization and leadership community advancing freedom, equality, and a more perfect union where the American dream is for everyone.

Named for Congressman Joseph Rainey, who was born enslaved and became the first Black American to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Rainey Center and its affiliates foster dialogue on actionable solutions to America’s challenges while amplifying the voices of women, minorities, and mavericks in public policymaking.

The Rainey Center Freedom Project connects main street to Washington, DC by bringing together citizens, state, and federal leaders to advocate for solutions in energy and economic stewardship, free and fair elections, technology, national security, economic empowerment, and healthcare policy. Our objective is to drive national dialogue on complex topics by providing advocacy and policy resources that will help maintain U.S. global leadership while creating opportunities for all Americans.

The Rainey community of independent-minded elected leaders, policy experts, and advocates is building consensus around practical solutions to the most pressing challenges our country, and the world, face today.
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